boudoir portraits, Lugano

monday monday… raining again here in Lugano.. sometimes i wonder if it's winter or not?? even if kids are running around and screaming like crazy, for me it is the time for coffee and a weekly blog post 

today was really special here in my studio - I had a wonderful girl to photograph! i am really in love with editorial boudoir images.




my model was so awesome and just perfecty matched the mood of the rainy day

have a nice week, love jolie 
p.s. San Valentine day is coming - have you got already perfect gift to your beloved? .. i can help if you are still thinking ;) 

be my bride - editorial portraits, Lugano

sunny monday today here in Lugano… seems like spring outside… perfect time for the second blog post about my perfect bride to be






yes, this is how i imagine my bride to be. 

to create an image of my bride to be i was really lucky to work with some amazing people! the lovely girls Giulia and Lorenza form,  romantic dresses and accessories are the creations of the stylist  Duska Milosevic , MUA and Hair did my friend Michele Di Paolo, and arty flowers come from my favorite shop in Lugano DAHRA by Maurizio Romano. 

(  the photos are mix of digital and film scanned at awesome Richardphotolab

have a lovely week, with love jolie 

Birthday portraits of little boy, Lugano

when i speak with my customers  or friends , especially ladies always say to me: oh, i can imagine how many pictures your kids have! they are so lucky to have mum as photographer to memories their every minute! 

okay.. shame, shame, shame!!! on me but it is only in part true..they really have many pictures but i think i should take more photos of them! i would like to capture every minute of their lives because they grow so fast! too fast for me! .. i still remember how i i came from hospital home with little cuddle and now he is five years! 

(here again mix of digital and film photos)

have a nice week, with love jolie 

creative editorial portraits, Lugano

why it is so hard to write my blog?

i could spend 5 hours taking pictures and not getting tired.. it’s quite the opposite - the more i shoot, the more ideas are coming to take one more portrait, one more.. last one.. 

but to write five sentences of my blog is equal of ten monday mornings without coffee! 

okay, okay, this post is not about monday mornings without coffee, but about creative portraits i would like to share with you ;)

all the best to my super model Lavdrim - the perfect guy work with! 

( who is curious the photos are mix of digital and film scanned at awesome Richardphotolab )

have a perfect monday, with love jolie 

donate to families in need

people help the people!  this is my intention.  

why:  because i care! and i know you care as well. 
how it works: you donate to families in need and i will be happy to give a free mini session to you . it is not important how much you will donate 5, 50 or 200. less or more - lets just do it. 

what you need to do: donate here 

when:  weekend of 30th November - 1st December 

where: Cadro, Municipio - sala Multiuso. 

email me  foto@joliesfoto to tell me you are interested to participate and book your place.

this project started while ago. so if now your heart goes to Sardinia it is totally fine. lets just help to each other

portrait photographer lugano 

love and light in mountains, Switzerland

i just love capturing couples love!  and i was really lucky i have met this amazing couple from Lugano. 
the story about location i have chosen this time is different.. one week ago i was going with my family hiking and looking for some "porcini" .. but i could not resist taking the photos of my kids with that beautiful light.. and dreaming how would be amazing to come here again with a couple in love! and here we are one week after i have beautiful Nicole and her boyfriend Fabio who come with me to hike and take pictures. the day was amazing and i will always remember their love 

fine art fashion Lugano, Switzerland - flowers

few weeks ago i had such a wonderful time shooting fashion session with a bunch of very talented people. I met  stylist Anastasya before i went to Paris for fashion shoot and she was the one who gave to me her creation at the very last minute!  after she created a new super cool collection we decided to make smthg special. Maurizio invited us to be guest at his living style & flowers shop in Lugano Dahra (that i personally think is the best of the best).  .. and once again i had the opportunity to work with my lovely, young and so talented Michele who made our model Margarita hair and make up shine. i really can’t wait to meet and work with those people again!

enjoy our creations

wedding photographer Morcote, Switzerland - S&T

how bride&groom find the wedding photographer? normally they take one who did (shoot?) sisters, friends or neighbors weddings, reportages .. or just find one putting in google “best wedding photographer  in.. ”

Thomas found us (me and Egle) differently. as he was telling us, he just was looking smth in internet.. then he started looking for his house name in Morcote.. “casa libellula”.. then then came” libellula weddings” (we used to call like this once that was our name when we started shooting weddings). so you could imagine how important this wedding was for us and how exited we where. even before starting we were totally in love with our bride Sophie!

casa Libellula, decoration and flowers made by groom’s mum & sister, groom who sings songs for his bride and many other details made this wedding a real special one


engagement photography, Morcote Switzerland, K&M love

some people makes my job just perfect and so easy. recently i met and had an the honor to photographed the most lovely couple from Helsinki, Kristiina and Mikko. they were traveling around italy and switzerland to celebrate their engagement!

i  can’t tell how how exited i was when Kristiina contacted me for the shooting because you know how crazy i am about people in love.

we were going around morcote and chatting, and laughing and taking photos… and sweating because it was smthg like 34 degrees

guys thanks for such an amazing day


destination wedding Milan, Italy - P&A

this time my destination was Milano, Italy. do i need to tell you how excited i was to take pictures of vintage weddings set at old medieval Villa? the first time we talk with my beautiful bride at phone she said: please save the date and .. your heart for this date! i am preparing so many details – i want my wedding to be perfect! yeah my heart melted.. wedding day was really so full of emotion and my dear Paola, it was perfect wedding!

women portrait, Lugano Switzerland - Muse

Summer hot drives me crazy! really. and i am lucky i am not only one. 

wedding photography in Zurich and Arbon, Switzerland

this modern wedding was lets say – photographer dream .we received request from bride who was planning every single detail. .. and she said – we will give to you from 2 up to 3 hours for the first look shooting, it is ok for you? we really just want nice pictures! was it good for us? no!! it was awesome and much more!

ok? it was wonderful! even if outside was something like +30 degrees we were really enjoying every single minute with Judith&Matthias